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Starttilukko KTM Factory SX 03-07

Sopii Myös SMR malleihin 2003-2014

This is how the factory riders start!
The factory start is mounted directly on the fork. Before the start, the fork is dipped and fixed in the desired position to shift the centre of gravity forwards. This to a large extent prevents the front wheel from lifting at the start, thus providing greater traction and perhaps securing you the odd holeshot or two. The first time the fork dips, the fixing is slackened and the fork released automatically.


  • MerkkiMalliVuosimalli
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  • KTMSXF5252003-2006
Starttilukko KTM Factory SX 03-07
 Starttilukko KTM Factory SX 03-07

Hinta: 49.90 € 96.92 €
Tuotekoodi: SXS05540100

Tampere (1-2 vrk): 1



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