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Luistokytkin 950/990SM / Superduke

This anti-hopping clutch is a must for every ambitious rider.
Everyone knows about rear wheel hopping: heavy braking in a curve can lead to unnerving shuddering at the rear wheel.
Experienced riders overcome this problem on hard terrain with a gentle pull on the clutch lever, thereby reducing the transmission of this force to the rear wheel.
Resourceful engineers have now come up with the solution: the anti-hopping clutch. This clutch is developed for use on racetracks, and may cause increased wearing of the clutch lining.


  • MerkkiMalliVuosimalli
  • KTMSM9502005-2008
  • KTMSM9902008-2011
  • KTMSM990R2009-2013
  • KTMSM990T2009-2013
  • KTMSUPERDUKE9902005-2013
Luistokytkin 950/990SM / Superduke
 Luistokytkin 950/990SM / Superduke

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